MPF Application, Twigger Style!

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MPF Application, Twigger Style!

Post  TwiggyTwigger on Sun Feb 26, 2012 1:40 pm

Steam Name: [UONet][TheT-Squad]TwiggyTwigger
And SteamID: http:
Main Character In-game: Peter Twig
How Long i've been playing on the Server? About... 1 Hour. I've been play Serious HL 2 RP in total for like.. 100 Hours Only.
Backstory: My casual day in city 57, consists of waking up, eating breakfast. Taking a Shower, then Watch some TV.. And keep watching TV, and not do so much stuff.
But this day... It was kind of different. This day was more like; Waking up, Hear some weird noises. Look out my window. And see some Combines walk down the streets. Actually, not just some, pretty much a whole goddamn Army. Suddenly, one of the bloody bastards stands outside my apartment Door. i was not so confident in this situation, since millions of thoughts is running in that head of mine. "Should i open. Maybe i could survive the fall from Window. Why is he here?" And all that. But i stupidly decide to open the door, maybe it wasn't that serious. I open the door,
he looks at me for a second, and i am like "Hey... What.. Why are you here" He doesn't reply, He just decides to be a dick and takes the handle of his shotgun, and slam it against my quite blunted face. I pass out, from what i think. I have small blinks of vision. There is one of

them that really kills me inside. I saw lil' sis being executed like some distance away from me, i cannot really explain since the headache still fills the skull. And then, i wake up. In a train somehow, i don't ask any questions in fear of what they might do to me. So i just keep quiet. About 5 Minutes later. They Stop, One officer yells at me "Citizen, GET OUT!" Without Teasing, i get out. And next thing i knew, i was there, in City 18, lost, not knowing anybody, and filled with fear of the future.

Examples of what i would do?
1.If i see a citizen running, i would yell "Stop" at him. If he didn't do that, i would shot a fakie shot to scare him, now if that doesn't work, I shoot him in the leg. (And if he decides to FailRP. Guess who's getting a little talk with somebodyyy)
2.If i find contraband on a citizen, i will, radio in and ask what to do, if i don't decide, to take him in myself,
3.If i am in the middle of a serious situation, say i have a hostile i have to take to the nexus for jail, and the MPF Requests my backup for something. I will see if i can finish my situation very quickly, and if it's not possible, i just tie the thing i'm dealing with in the closest room up and then when i'm done, i can finish this task.
4.If the firefight i'm in is getting overhand, and i am outnumbered. I will radio for backup. And if that's not an option . I will Slowly Retreat Back. And see how long i can hold them off. Until some backup is available.
5. If i jail someone, i will remember when to take him out again, if not set for Amputation.
6.If i meet 3 Guys, each with one truth, and none of them has any evidence. I will take them into custody if there isn't any superior's on the server.
7.If i am in a firefight, i will miss to make it immersive, and enjoyable
8.I will not join the server if i have less than 20 Minutes or something like that. Because i will not be able to finish a whole situation i think Razz
9.I will obey to MPF.
10. I will Listen to My Superiors.

Why i want to be MPF?
Because i've heard it's quite awesome, and i've never tried it before (Even though i've always wanted to), so yeah, i need a basic tour of the lessons i have to learn.

I understand that if i abuse the rights of my Character. I will get banned. And Lose my Whitelist. And i understand that i may be banned temporarily because of my actions as an MPF

Do you understand that if you show traitorous actions and traits you will be amputated and PKed?: Yes. I do

FINALLY DONE! cheers cheers

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Re: MPF Application, Twigger Style!

Post  Moona on Sun Feb 26, 2012 4:41 pm

Good app, Except you need more Examples other than them. +Support

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Re: MPF Application, Twigger Style!

Post  Renzo on Sun Feb 26, 2012 5:09 pm

I agree with Mystic but you need to upgrade your Background story and spruce up your grammar in your background story and /me situation. Other than that, I'm Neutral until you fix it. But good luck mate.
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Re: MPF Application, Twigger Style!

Post  Burningfox6 on Sun Feb 26, 2012 6:41 pm

ACCEPTED, although the backstory didn't make complete sense.

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Re: MPF Application, Twigger Style!

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