Renzo's MPF Application

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Renzo's MPF Application

Post  Renzo on Wed Feb 15, 2012 9:14 pm

Steam Name And ID: Renzo STEAM_0:0:23783780

In-Game Main Character Name: Daniel Carter

How long have you played on the server?: Day

Character Backstory (Minimum Two Paragraphs (Paragraph: Minimum Four Complete Sentences Per Paragraph): Daniel was born in a small village somewhere in countryside. His family wasn't very rich, but they always wanted best for Daniel, even though they had not have a lot of money to give him a proper education. Anyways, Daniel always wanted to become something important. He wanted to change the world. He lived with this dream until he was 20 and he moved to a large town with his family in hope of easy money. They had to sell their house to get a small apartment from the city. Daniel never got the great job he wanted mostly because lack of education. He had to work as a newspaper seller and he hated that job, but there was nothing else he was skilled enough to do. His job did not change the world or make it better, but it earned him barely enough money to feed himself.

Years passed by, and Daniel became depressed. His parents became seriously ill and were not able to work, and Daniel had to work 10 hours a day to feed them. Food did not come easily for them; they even had to move to the back area of the town. Daniel hated the modern society and the situation of poor people, as he was poor himself. Government did nothing to help him or his family, nothing came for free. Finally the Portal Storms started. Daniel never thought it wouldn't affect his life in any way, but that was not the truth. As the Combine invasion started, his home town was also attacked. Many of his friends died, but he and his seriously ill parents lived in the back area that the Combine did not bother to attack. After Earth surrendered, the whole town was ordered to be cleared and the citizens to be relocated.

Daniel was moved to an another large city, called City 45. He was separated from his parents and he still does not know about their fate. (They were most likely killed or stalkerized for being "imperfect.") Daniel was given a blue citizen uniform: First thing in his life that he got for free. After few weeks the Ration Distribution started: Every day the citizens received rations that contained general supplies and food. Even though it tasted bad, it was atleast 'free'. For it he had to work 12 hours a day in a Combine factory manufacturing combine locks and other general supplies for the Combine and CCA. Daniel had many reasons to hate the Combine, but as years passed, he started to forget everything because of brainwash and constant propaganda. Nothing seemed so bad anymore. Citizens got free food and supplies for helping the Combine. Daniel started to believe mostly everything he was told. He believed it all was for his own best. Every stunstick hit that hit his back, every bullet that flew by his head. Everything was for him, even though it sometimes seemed unnecessary.

He wanted to gain more authority, and soon the Metropolitan Police Force recruitment started again. Daniel saw his possibility and thought about it for weeks. He had seen how the units beat, shot and killed his fellow citizens, even some of his friends. Finally Daniel made his decision: He would rather have a full stomach and more authoriy than working 12 hours a day in factory in a constant fear of being killed, beaten or tortured. He filled the form and gave it to the duty officer. It was the point of no return.

Examples of actions you would do In-Game (Minimum 10): /it The squad moves quickly and stealthily through the ally ways of District Two.
/it The only sounds that can be heard through the city are the sounds of footsteps by the squad and the booming Judgement Waiver siren from the Citadel.
*Squad Leader* Raises his hand and makes a fist for the squad to hold up.
*Squad Leader* Makes another hand gesture for the squad to get on the wall.
*Squad Leader* Points to I and an another assault unit to cover front and back.
/me looks behind us at the opening that the squad just came from.
/me aims down his iron sight, listening to his surroundings.
*Squad Leader Whispers* 562, I want you to take point as we cover you... This area has a lot of activity most of the time during sweeps.
*562* Nods to the Squad Leader.
/me looks up at the over head ledges.
/me flicks off his safety.
*Squad Leader Whispers* Let's move.
/it the squad begins to move forward with unit 562 as point man.
*563* Moves a bit swiftly, keeping an eye out for any straggling civils.
/it As the squad approaches the corner to the open area of District one, they hear voices coming from just the other side of the corner.
*563 Whispers* Hold up! Contact on the other side of the corner
*Squad Leader whispers to 563* How many?
*563 Whispers* Three.
*Squad Leader whispers to the squad* 563, when I say, turn the corner and get eyes on the first target. I'll get the second closest. 772 (I), get eyes on the third one.
/me nods
*Squad Leader Whispers* When I tap your shoulder 563, that's when you go. Copy?
*563* Nods.
*Squad Leader* Looks back at 772 then looks forward again.
*Squad Leader* Inhales slowly and then exhales. Taps 563's shoulder.
*563* Aiming down his sight, quickly moves around the corner, aiming at the first civil.
*Squad Leader* Follows up behind 563, his Mp7 at the ready.
/me makes sure no one is going to ambush us, then goes in last.
/it All three units converge on the civils. The civils are surprised and immediately put there hands in the air.
*Squad Leader* 772, Code 34-C procedure.
*I say* Copy that.
/me holsters his lethal to tie the first civil.
/me forces him to walk backwards towards the wall.
/me turns him around and pushes his elbow into his back, forcing him onto the wall
/me takes out a zip-tie and ties him up roughly
/it The other two civils keep their hands up, fearing that any sudden movements will end their lifes right then and there
/me forces the tied civil to kneel and face the wall
/me takes the next civils and pulls him back.
/it The civil gets pull pack, staring the unit in the face...
*Civil #2* Feels like he's staring death in the face...
/me forces him to face the wall, places his elbow into his spine, pinning him to the wall.
*Civil #2* Groans in pain...
/me takes out a zip-tie and ties him up
/me puts the civil to his knees, making him face the wall with his hands tied
/me moves towards the third and final citizen
*Civil #3* Sweat runs down the side of his forehead.
*Civil #3* Hears the officer coming up behind him
*Civil #3* Quickly takes his left hand and reaches for his lethal
*Civil #3* Grabs the handle and pulls the 9mm from the back of his pants pocket
*Civil #3* Begins to aim it at the officer
*Squad Leader* Aims at his head, then quickly fires three bullets, two missing and the one going straight through the civils neck...
/it The civil drops to the ground, the lethal dropped on the ground.
/me watches as the citizen bleeds to death on the ground next to him
/it The civil struggles for breathe but the breathe is taken up by blood...
*Squad Leader* Goes up to the citizen on the ground and aims his Mp7 at his head... Pulls the trigger once, then again.
/it The citizen stops moving and breathing.
/it The citizens over at the wall begin to shake from the sound of the Mp7 and of there friend dying in front of them...
/me gulps and looks over at his Squad Leader and says, 'Al-all tied s-sir...'
*Squad Leader* Nods and replies, 'Search and apply.'
*I say* Copy that s-sir.
/me moves towards the citizens and grabs the first one, lifts him to his feet.
/me digs in his pockets and searches his coat and vest.
*I say* This is cleaned sir.
/me Sets the civil back down on his knees
/me Searches the last citizen, he turns out to be cleaned as well. Sets him back on the wall
*I say* Cleaned as well
*Squad Leader says* Copy, 563, take them both to the Le'Blanc Lobby.
*563* Nods.
*Squad Leader says* 772, come with me to search the other sections of the city.
/me nods and follows the Squad Leader out of D1.

Why do you want to be MPF?: Well throughout all of the roleplaying communities that I have joined I have always been MPF. Thats around 19 communities. I have always enjoyed the aspect of civil protection, the power they have and the contributions they make to the overall roleplaying experience. I like working with a team and being the main antagonist that is seen by all the other players. The civil protection is one of the larger factors that adds to everyones roleplaying experience, and I have always found them enjoyable and since I like both making sure other players are having fun and being part of an amazing group I thought I would apply. I have always enjoyed patrolling and enforcing laws, as well as listening the higher-ranked officers and having a role in commanding the lower ranked officers. There isn't a single aspect about the civil protection that I don't like so I would greatly appreciate it if you would consider me for this amazing position.

Do you understand that if you abuse your rights your character will be banned, you will lose your

whitelist, and you may be banned temporarily depending on your actions?:
Of course.

Do you understand that if you show traitorous actions and traits you will be amputated and PKed?: I do.

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Re: Renzo's MPF Application

Post  Moona on Wed Feb 15, 2012 9:23 pm

Great Backstory and Amazing Example.


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